Spring Departure Date

The beautiful Himalayan ranges shape an incredible variety of whitewater challenges for paddlers and thus, a series of the world's most outstanding river journeys are found here. Listed below are some that we run on a regular basis. If these dates don't fit in, design a journey of your own and contact us for expect support and precise data. A professional approach and whitewater expertise are what sets Ultimate Descents Nepal's guides and staff in a category of their own. Ultimate Descents Nepal is the only company to have all guides that meet the highest safety standards with required certificates in SRT, Wilderness First Aid, AR and CPR.

Don't be deceived, on Nepal's rivers it is actually a lot warmer than KTM due to sunshine of lower elevation, so enjoy the splash.

100% Adrenaline Rush:Bhote Koshi/Canyoning

This is Nepal's steepest action packed rafting trip. If you have limited time or just the desire for an adrenaline overload, this is the river for you. Our put- in point is at the Borderlands Resort, conveniently located at the highest possible raft launch on the river and is the base for activities such as Canyoning, Trekking, Climbing and Mountain Biking all around the Tibetan border. The resort has spacious safari tents, toilets and a massive dining hall with a well stocked bar. The Resort provides all the indulges of home in a very exotic setting. A perfect compliment to your trip can be an extended stay at our Resort which is also the pioneer of Canyoning in Nepal.

Spring 2017- 2 Days Class III-IV

01 Feb-02 Feb 04 Feb-05 Feb 06 Feb-07 Feb 08 Feb-09 Feb 11 Feb-12 Feb
13 Feb-14 Feb 15 Feb-16 Feb 18 Feb-19 Feb 20 Feb-21 Feb 22 Feb-23 Feb
25 Feb-26 Feb 27 Feb-28 Feb 01 Mar-02 Mar 04 Mar-05 Mar 06 Mar-07 Mar
08 Mar-09 Mar 11 Mar-12 Mar 13 Mar-14 Mar 15 Mar -16 Mar 18 Mar-19 Mar
20 Mar-21 Mar 22 Mar-23 Mar 25 Mar-26 Mar 27 Mar-28 Mar 29 Mar-30 Mar
01 Apr-02 Apr 03 Apr-04 Apr 05 Apr-06 Apr 08 Apr-09 Apr 10 Apr-11 Apr
12 Apr-13 Apr 15 Apr-16 Apr 17 Apr-18 Apr 19 Apr-20 Apr 22 Apr-23 Apr
24 Apr-25 Apr 26 Apr-27 Apr 29 Apr-30 Apr 01 May-02 May 03 May-04 May
06 May-07 May 08 May-09 May 10 May-11 May 13 May-14 May 15 May-16 May
17 May-18 May 20 May-22 May 22 May-24 May 25 May-26 May 27 May-28 May
29 May-30 May 31 May-01 Jun

Escape from kathmandu with a trip to Broderlands Resort~Every Weekend!!

During high flows, when the upper section is not runnable, we offer the lower section below the dam which is always exciting in high flows.


Spring 2017- 4 Days CLASS II-III

With the support and guidance of our internationally certified instructors. We can make your introduction to kayaking enjoyable and positive. The thrill and gratification of learning to Kayak in the Himalayas is a great start to Kayaking.

02 Feb-05 Feb 09 Feb-12 Feb 16 Feb-19 Feb 23 Feb-26 Feb 02 Mar-05 Mar
09 Mar-12 Mar 16 Mar-19 Mar 23 Mar-26 Mar 30 Mar-02 Apr 06 Apr-09 Apr
13 Apr-16 Apr 20 Apr-21 Apr 27 Apr-30 May 04 May-07 May 11 May-14 May
18 May-21 May 25 May-28 May


Conveniently located along the Prithivi Highway, 100 km from kathmandu and within close proximity to the Manakamana Cable Car station, our trishuli beach camp provides tented accommodation on twin sharing basis with the modern day comfort of delux camping.

Spring/Fall 2017 - 2 Days CLASS III-IV



The warm waters of Sunkoshi surge for 270kms between the roads. The river has whipped foamy water where narrow canyons constrict the river flow and the cataracts are long and powerful. There are dozens of adrenaline pumping rapids and miles of calmer water to reflect on this beautiful area.

Spring 2017- 6 DAYS CLASS III-IV(+)

03 March-08 March 10 March-15 March 17 March-22 March 24 March-29 March 31 March-05 April
07 April-12 April 14 April-19 April 21 April-26 April 28 April-03 May 05 May-10 May
12 May-17 May 19 May-24 May 26 May-31 May 02 Jun-07 Jun 09 Jun-14 Jun
16 Jun-21 Jun 23 Jun - 28 Jun


The Karnali, Nepal's mightiest river, descends through the Himalayas in a series of magnificent gorges. Seasonal snow melts and storms can cause the river level to swell drastically, creating the extremes of whitewater rafting. Expect exceptionally big volume rafting through jungles inhabited by nomads traditionally known as the 'Routes', deserted beaches and small villages.

Spring 2017 - 10 DAYS CLASS III-V (-)

04 Mar-13 Mar 16 Mar-25 Mar 28 Mar-06 Apr
09 Apr-18 Apr 21 Apr-30 Apr 03 May-12 May


With the support and guidance of our internationally certified instructors, we can make your introduction to kayaking enjoyable and positive. The thrill and gratification of learning to Kayak in the Himalayas is a great start to Kayaking.

Spring 2017- 4 Days Class II-III

04 Feb-07 Feb 11 Feb-14 Feb 18 Feb-21 Feb 25 Feb-28 Feb 04 Mar-07 Mar
11 Mar-14 Mar 18 Mar-21 Mar 25 Mar-28 Mar 01 Apr-04 Apr 08 Apr-11 Apr
15 Apr-18 Apr 22 Apr-25 Apr 29 Apr-02 May 06 May-09 May 13 May-16 May
20 May-23 May 27 May-30 May


It is truly a great fun trip perfectly designed for you to get along with your near and dear ones on the raft. The floating crystal blue water gives you ample opportunity to swim on the flat water. At the same time, you will be accompanied by learner kayakers and instructors which makes the trip sensational.

Spring 2017 - Every Saturday 2 Days(Pokhara Xtra) Class II-III

04 Feb-05 Feb 11 Feb-12 Feb 18 Feb-19 Feb 25 Feb-26 Feb 04 Mar-05 Mar
11 Mar-12 Mar 18 Mar-19 Mar 25 Mar-26 Mar 01 Apr-02 Apr 08 Apr-09 Apr
15 Apr-16 Apr 22 Apr-23 Apr 29 Apr-30 Apr 06 May-07 May 13 May-14 May
20 May-21 May 27 May-28 May


This newly opened river in the eastern part of Nepal is an excellent combination of one of the best short Himalayan treks, amazing mountain views of the eastern Himalayan ranges including Mt. Kanchanjunga and Mt. Makalu and exhilarating river expedition.

Spring 2017- 12 DAYS CLASS III-V(-)

09 Mar-20 Mar 23 Mar-03 Apr 07 Apr-18 Apr 22 Apr-03 May 06 May-17 May


Marshyangdi is called the 'Raging River' in the local dialect and this aptly describes one of the best whitewater runs in the world. Children play excitedly as we pass, snow-capped Himalayan giants surround us and the champagne river churns and bubbles below. Few rivers rival Marshyangdi in terms of exhilarating whitewater and sustained sections of steep technical rafting test your teamwork.


02 Feb-05 Feb 09 Feb-12 Feb 16 Feb-19 Feb 22 Feb-26 Feb 02 Mar-05 Mar
09 Mar-12 Mar 16 Mar-19 Mar 23 Mar-26 Mar 30 Mar-02 Apr 06 Apr-09 Apr
13 Apr-16 Apr 20 Apr-23 Apr 27 Apr-30 May 04 May-07 May 11 May-14 May
18 May-21 May 23 May-26 May


Turbulent rapids intertwine with abrupt drops as we dodge our way down intricate chutes of sparkling water. Village terraces cling precariously to the slopes and surreal snow-capped peaks hang suspended above us as we drift through the world's deepest gorge. Being one of the holiest rivers in Nepal, every junction of the Kali Gandaki is dotted with cremation sites and above ground burial mounds.

Spring 2017- Every Tuesday & Friday-3 Days (Pokhara Xtra) Class III-IV

03 Feb-05 Feb 06 Feb-08 Feb 10 Feb-12 Feb 13 Feb-15 Feb 17 Feb-19 Feb
20 Feb-22 Feb 24 Feb-26 Feb 27 Feb-01 Mar 03 Mar-05 Mar 06 Mar-08 Mar
10 Mar-11 Mar 13 Mar-15 Mar 17 Mar-19 Mar 20 Mar-22 Mar 24 Mar-26 Mar
27 Mar-29 Mar 31 Mar-02 Apr 03 Apr-05 Apr 07 Apr-09 Apr 10 Apr-12 Apr
14 Apr-16 Apr 17 Apr-19 Apr 21 Apr-23 Apr 24 Apr-26 Apr 28 Apr-30 Apr
02 May-04 May 05 May-07 May 08 May-10 May 12 May-14 May 15 May-17 May
19 May-21 May 22 May-24 May 26 May-28 May


Multi day fishing trips include trips to west Seti-Bheri, rivers of the Western Nepal. these untouched and pristine rivers offer variety of fishes along class II and III of rafting rapids. The abundance of fish in these rivers is incomparable.

Spring 2017: 6 DAYS III-V (-)

08 Mar-13 Mar 20 Mar-25 Mar 01 Apr-06 Apr 13 Apr-18 Apr 25 Apr-30 Apr