Terms & Conditions

Booking & Payment Conditions

A booking form must be filled out and a deposit of 50% of the total trip cost must be paid at the time of booking in order to secure your spot. All prices are quoted in USD$. Payments can be made in cash of any currency or by credit card with a 3% surcharge. Payments made in local Nepalese rupees will be at the published bank exchange rate on the day of payment. Balance of payment or payment in full is required prior to your trip departure. At this time we are unable to accept payments online and all payments must be made in person.

Cancellation Policy

In the unforeseen event that Ultimate Descents Nepal needs to cancel a trip for any reason, we will provide a full refund immediately.

If cancellation is requested by the participant for any reason, then the following applies:
More than 7 days prior to departure – 20% of trip cost cancellation fee per person
Less than 7 days prior to departure – 50% of trip cost cancellation fee per person
Transfer to alternative departure date – 200 Nepalese rupees transfer fee per person per transfer
*Emergency cancellation – 20% of trip cost cancellation fee per person
*What constitutes a true emergency will be interpreted at Ultimate Descents Nepal’s discretion.

Please be aware that conditions such as dysentery and guardia, for example, are common in East Asia and, as such, are not classified as emergencies.

Under no circumstances will there be a refund of any kind if you do not turn up for the trip departure or if you leave a trip for any reason, either voluntarily or involuntarily, after the trip has commenced.

Booking Form

Booking forms must be fully completed and signed prior to trip departure. Our forms require you to provide the following information:

• Personal information
• Passport details
• Nepal address where you’re staying
• Emergency contact information
• Previous experience with rafting, if any
• Insurance information
• Any medical conditions
• Any special dietary needs

The booking form also includes the following personal declaration, which you are agreeing to when you sign the form and join any trips.

Personal Declaration

I have read and fully understand the information contained in the trip itinerary and other written
materials issued by Ultimate Descents Nepal Pvt. Ltd. for the expedition I have applied to join and I am competent and willing to cope with the situations, circumstances and conditions made clear in the printed materials. I recognize and agree that the realities made clear in the written information reflect the intrinsic characteristics of adventure travel and not the matter of flexibility, adaptability, reasonableness, practical personal contribution to lifestyle en route and the fact that not all situations, circumstances and conditions subsequently encountered are identical to those pre-existing and prevailing at the time of booking.

I also recognize that I am undertaking a journey that contains a significant element of personal risk and that risk can sometimes become a reality. I acknowledge the relative remoteness, the rough traveling and weather conditions, the limited and relatively primitive medical and other services available, as well as the greater potential dangers compared with my usual daily life, or conventional holiday travel. Not only do I accept these realities, I have chosen to seek them out. I recognize Ultimate Descents Nepal’s responsibility to me and I accept the authority and decisions of Ultimate Descents Nepal and its representatives in respect to the journey that I have applied to join.