13 Days

Observe the rituals ceremony of the Great Karnali Quest (preparation, reception, inauguration - showcase the Khasa culture with Deuda, the ceremony begins with an opening speech or announcement explaining the purpose and goals of the event. Participants and spectators may gather near the water’s edge to watch the race. Throughout the ceremony, there is usually a strong emphasis on the cause and the positive Impact the events aim to save the last and free flowing crystal Himalayan River the Karnali.

1 Day

Drawing its amazing power from high up in the Tibetan plateau, the Bhote Koshi River is among the top ten rivers for rafting and kayaking in the world. It's a very steep and very continuous mountain stream – a unique combination

10 Days

The Karnali lies in the western part of the nation in what is called the "Wild West" of Nepal, an area only recently opened for tourism.
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